#1. Jeweled Barrettes & Hair Clips

For most of us, barrettes and hair brooches are not part of our everyday look, but it is a known fact that they add something special to an evening look. You don’t have to save these bejeweled fall 2019/2020 hair accessories for fancy events, though – their whole point is to add that touch of magic to everyday life.

  #2. Blingy Head Covering

Now, for really special occasions, forget about those little decorations. For fall/ winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends, designers made sure that you cover your whole head in a bejeweled covering.

They were made of crystal mesh in either icy white or rainbow colors, and covered the head, falling over the hair.

#3. Pearl Hair Accessories

Pearls were one of the most ubiquitous jewelry elements this season, so to match they were also heavily incorporated into various hair accessories, becoming one of the bigger fall 2019/2020 hair accessory trends.

At Simone Rocha, the few models that didn’t wear beaded headbands wore pretty barrettes densely studded with lovely little pearls. The pearls were just as dense at Shrimps, where models wore rounded headbands absolutely covered with the precious little spheres. While white is the traditional color for a pearl, there were also pearl headbands in blue.

.#4. More Chains!

Chains were everywhere on the runways this season, in some instances made of dark metal to grunge up a look or made of gold in other instances to present luxury. Hair stylists found all kinds of ways to incorporate chains into the 2019/2020 fall/winter hair accessory trend. 

#5. Headbands

The fashionable way to wear a headband is unfortunately also the least useful one. If your needs are strictly beauty related, and you don’t mind still getting hair in your face, then definitely pick up one of these creations, and plot it right on top of your head, as the fall/winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends dictate.

The headbands are made of twisted loops that slightly reminded us of tiaras, and are completely covered in beads. They came primarily in black, but there were also a few in red or white.

Black headbands were decorated with white flowers, an update on a more childish style that was cleverly paired with mature garments like leather jackets. 

Headbands were back for another season. This season’s headbands are smaller and satin-covered, with a bow at the center.  

#6. Fascinators

Somewhere between hats and hair accessories sit the wonderful fascinators. This unique type of headgear is the key to infusing your ensemble with theatricality, and it showed up as one of the more significant fall/winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends.

The sequined fascinators at Michael Kors will be perfect for any evening occasion. Shaped like an open spiral, the fascinators will be recognizably high fashion, with veil detailing that will add drama to any outfit.

Fascinators at Dolce & Gabbana ranged from simple and elegant to truly unique. The one we can’t get out of our head is a fascinator shaped like bejeweled bird that simply sat atop the head, but more wearable ones were decorated with flowers and veils.  

#7. Scarves as Headgear

We think of the fashion month as a time to see what’s going to be big!

For the first time, we saw a significant number of headscarves on the runways, wrapped to totally cover the hair. While some designers are becoming more inclusive in earnest, we most have simply finally realized that Muslim women have enormous purchasing power.

A beaded scarf wrapped over the head seemed extra warm but seriously beautiful – the perfect headscarf for a cold day. Scarves were wrapped around both to look like turbans and to totally obscure the hair and neck, giving a few options for modest head coverings.

For a cozy-chic take on headscarves, woollen scarves are wrapped around both the head and neck and even totally covered the hair, in a way that we think will be celebrated by anyone who is over winter hats.  

#8. Bows

Bows are a cute, feminine embellishment that instantly adds charm to a look, so no surprise they showed up all over the Fashion Week as some of the more ubiquitous fall/winter 2019/2020 hair accessories.

Big bows, sometimes with a rippled end, were used as hair clips at Rodarte, and were occasionally combined with big flowers to prove that there was no such thing as too much.

While most models wore bonnets at Emilia Wickstead, many others had their hair pulled up into a top knot, instead, which was secured at the base with a small bow. There was a similar bows-and-top-knots look at Ashley Williams, as well.

At Chanel, semi-ponytails were often secured with black ribbons tied into bows, while at Oscar de la Renta, the same treatment was given to low-slung ponytails.  

#9. Fuzz, Feathers, and Fur

Fuzzy items are great for keeping us feeling cozy in winter, but in the form of fall/ winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends they also add an interesting texture to the hair that is nothing short of luxurious. 

#10. Flower Hair Accessories

Flowers for the fall /winter 2019/2020 runway hair accessories? Groundbreaking! Despite the inappropriate season, flowers were bright and lush on the runways since designers refused to believe the weather was going to get inhospitable to plant life.

The runway was like a garden explosion, with a variety of different flowers as the inspiration for a variety of fall 2019/2020 hair accessories, from flower crowns to headbands to small clips. Flowers  decorated all kinds of headbands and fascinators, including small, flower-shaped clips in white decorated haphazardly pulled-back hair.  

#11. Leather Hair Accessories

Every item we could imagine had its leather iteration this season, so leather hair accessories were a natural part of the fall/winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends. A leather hair accessory, much like chain hair accessories, turns any look into something fiercer. 

#12. Wide Hair Ties

With low-slung ponytails being one of the most common hairstyles, wide hair ties that could facilitate this style in as elegant a way as possible became one of the fall/ winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends.

For a simple, black version of these hair ties you can examine where the long cinching added structure and elegance to the haphazard and lived-in styling of the ponytail. The wider hair ties were shiny and blingy, covered in small white crystals, and they actually aided in creating high ponytails rather than low ones.

The wide hair ties at Tibi were made of a solid material (maybe leather) and were minimalistic yet impactful.  

#13. Logos and Words

Logo mania is real, and the fashion world would be nothing without it. For the fall/winter 2019/2020 runway hair accessories both logos and words made for excellent embellishments.

 The jeweled hair clips proclaimed sentiments like “BAD” and “DREAM” along with names of cities like “LONDON” and “TOKYO.”  

#14. Simple Bobby Pins

You don’t have to wear massive flower crowns or ultra-blingy clips every day, since the fall/winter 2019/2020 hair accessory trends also included simple, visible bobbi pins. 

The hair was as simple as can be at Blumarine, with soft waves and a side part that was kept neat with the help of a single, brown bobby pin. This lent a schoolgirl effect to the runway.

The use of metallic jumbo bobby pins at Lela Rose was minimalist yet creative. Three parallel bobby pins were applied along the side of the pulled-back hair, adding just a touch of shine.

Color Fading? .... Hot Tool Warning!


Your color clients all have one giant thing in common— after a major haircolor shift, they always ask the same question,  

 “How do I get my color to last longer?”  And you always tell them that blow-drying on high heat, hot water, chlorine and thermal styling tools are destroying their beautiful color (and all your hard work!).   Guy Tang knows this all too well, so in his newest YouTube video, he and fellow stylist Nora Ali Ahmad set out to help educate your color clients on just how important it is to turn their irons down so that their color stays brighter, longer.

Are you Thinning???


Hair Thinning & Hair Loss


Hair is probably a woman's most important feature. Signs of thinning hair can take the sail out of almost any woman's day. It may seem vain to pay so much attention to hair, but signs of thinning hair are really the first signals of such conditions as hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, excessive stress or poor nutrition, all symptoms of declining health status. Paying attention to hair can reveal developing conditions before they get out of control. When you have restored your hair to a full head of vibrant healthy strands, chances are the rest of your body will also exhibit vibrant health. 

Nutritional deficiencies may be signaled by thinning hair!

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