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Hello Becky and Juli ...

This is Cathy Anderson from the Anderson / Prigge wedding..

Wow!!! I can't say enough good things about the wedding party experience that our girls had at your salon! The girls hair was amazing and all unique and different.

I happened to get my hair done at a different salon due to needing makeup done at the same time. They had another wedding party there finishing up when I came in. All of the hair that was done was very predictable and seemed to be a bit of a "messy" look. The majority of the girls had exactly the same hair style, and while it looked ok, there were a lot of "stray's" that poked out here and there making it look not as smooth or polished.
When I saw our girls, their hair was "effortless"  and natural.
Our girl's looks complemented each other and looked amazing. I wish the bride would have gone to you!!

Thank you again for the great experience.
I would like to write a few reviews for you but am not sure where I should put them.
If you can let me know, I will be sure to do it.

It is always difficult to choose vendors when you are coming in from out of town.

 I would say that Ultima Bellezza Salon in Stillwater Mn, was at the top of our "best decisions" for the day!
Great price, easy to work with, outstanding communication and flexibility, and AMAZING Hair!!!

Thank you again for all you did in making our day so special.



Dear Becky...

I've had my prom hair in mind since last summer. I've been waiting and waiting to get it done. I not only was able to book at this salon so close to the date of my event , but was 200% satisfied with my hair. It's not every day that a girl sees a picture of another, and wants to look like it, and actually does. You made my dream hair do a reality and I can't thank you enough. I keep looking at the pictures and every time the hair is perfect. It stayed in place the whole night. I never had to adjust it or fix it. It looks great in all the pictures. Thank you for everything. I was very worried it would look too challenging for you, or you'd say you couldn't do it. But from the first time I showed you the picture you were completely fine.
 Thank you SOO much. It looked exactly like the picture, if not better. It was perfect. - Marissa